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Doctor of the Heart (Men of Mercy #1) by Grace Maxwell – Free eBooks Download


He’s a billionaire doctor with a supportive family. I’m an artist who can’t keep a day-job while taking care of my little sister. We’re opposites in every way.

My BFF and I are going out to meet men. Lots of men!
I’ve been focused on other more important things, but when my best friend insists we do something fun, I give in. It’s been a long time. Did I mention I even needed to dust off my Jimmy Choo’s?
His chocolate brown hair and piercing dark eyes find me in line outside the club, and my stomach does cartwheels. Yes, he puts the yum in yummy.
It gets us in and when we connect, it’s fireworks—my heart beats triple time, and I’m doing something I never dreamed was in my DNA.
It was only a onetime thing. I knew we weren’t star-crossed lovers. We were quick, down, and dirty.
Then it was back to real life—bills, keeping a roof over our head and food on the table, all while dealing with my sister’s chronic illness.
When my sister takes a turn for the worst, we head to the emergency room and my jaw drops and not because the doctor is dressed in a tuxedo. It’s because it is him.
We are opposites in every way. Dr. Davis Martin saves my sister’s life and somehow he’s out to save mine.

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