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Doctor Dilemma (Catch-22 #2) by Madison Bailey – Free eBooks Download


Leo Maxwell has been called many things, Dr. Gorgeous, Dr. Grumpy, and Dr. Broken, to name a few…
But I never thought I would be calling him Dr. Baby Daddy.
To say I have baby fever is beyond an understatement, I have wanted a baby ever since I was out of the womb.
However, being in my 30s, childless, and still a virgin made me realize I needed no man.
Having a baby is like baking, I really was only missing the ingredients so to speak, and this realization led me straight into the hands of the sexiest fertility doctor in Los Angeles.
But, things got insanely awkward when I realized that Doctor Smokeshow was not only my lady bits doctor, but also my brand-new next-door-neighbor.
I am a hopeless romantic with the sole purpose of becoming a mother, and he is a grumpy heartbreaker who would rather eat a bucket of nails than have his own family.
What makes things even worse?
We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.
Our chemistry was off the charts, so much so, that Leo made me rethink the word virginity.
I should have known that mixing my fertility treatments with sexy times was horrible idea.
So, when my dreamy off-limits neighbor delivers me the best news, that my name was officially changing from Mila to Mommy, the worst dilemma creeped into my mind…
Is Doctor Heartless the father?

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