Doctor Daddy’s Nerdy Little by Mary Potter (ePUB)

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Doctor Daddy’s Nerdy Little (Doctor Daddies Little #3) by Mary Potter – Free eBooks Download


He has no interest in love. She thinks no man will ever look at her.

My job is the most important thing to me.
I built it from the ground up, made it what it is today.
I have no desire to let it go or to change anything.
However, when my family forces me to go on a vacation I meet Amelia.
She is a shy woman riddled with insecurities that she has to battle on the daily.
She turns my world upside down, and suddenly my job doesn’t seem so important anymore.
I don’t think I can fight this. I don’t know if I want to.
Can she be the Little I need?
Can I let go of the life I created to be the Daddy she deserves?

All my life I heard how ugly and annoying I was.
Eventually I began to believe it.
Cosplay and my Little Space is an escape from the reality I want no part of.
When I’m dressed as someone else, I can pretend I’m anyone other than who I am.
At least until Shane, the sexy and strong temporary neighbour next door.
Shane pushes me to be myself, to be stronger.
He helps me to see my worth and raises me up from my own self hell.
Shane helps me fly when all I wanted to do was fall.

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