Doctor Daddy’s Forever Little by Mary Potter (ePUB)

forever little, mary potter

Doctor Daddy’s Forever Little (Doctor Daddies Little #9) by Mary Potter – Free eBooks Download


She was scared of her parents. He just wanted to find someone to love.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted William.
He was so sweet and kind, sexy and tall.
He was the Daddy that I had dreamed of.
But my parents wouldn’t like him.
They would make his life dark and dull.
So I did the only thing I could.
I kicked him out of my life and dreamed that one day, he would come back.
I just never expected how that dream would come true.

Beth locked me out of her life.
I had wanted more, wanted to see what kind of future we had.
She was curvy and beautiful, a perfect little to have on my arm.
But she didn’t even give me a chance.
Months pass and she unexpectedly finds her way into my life again.
Everyone has turned their backs on her and I’m all she has left.
She hurt me, but I can’t toss her aside like she did me.
I shouldn’t have hope for us, but I can’t help it.
Will she finally give me a chance?
Can there be something more for us?

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