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Doctor Billionaire (Covert Billionaires #5) by Dakota Rebel – Free eBooks Download


The doctor will see you now…
Harmony –
Holy hot doctor! When I went to the E.R. after spraining my ankle, I’d almost had a heart attack when the sexiest man alive came in to bandage me up. My heart raced, my face felt hot and my palms got sweaty. Do you know how humiliating it is to explain to someone that you’re not sick, without admitting that you’re falling for a stranger in a white coat?
The weird thing is…he was kind of looking at me the way I was probably looking at him. Is love at first sight a thing? Or is that just a fairytale?
Spencer –
I thought I was done swabbing throats and bandaging ankles. But when an unexpected doctor shortage hit the hospital I used to work for, I grudgingly agreed to return. I never would have expected this decision to completely change my life.
When Harmony hobbled into my emergency room, I was head over heels for her instantly. Taking care of her injury was easy…but how do you convince a woman you’ve just met to let you take care of her forever?

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