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Diverge by C.B. Frey – Free eBooks Download


“Some people are only meant to be in our lives for a season. You and I were never meant to be apart.”

Billie Quinn has spent her life working in a company she despises. She is utterly miserable with where her career is heading and her love life is practically non-existent – thanks to weekend work. Until her ex-best friend, Finn returns to Australia after spending a decade in France.
Billie and Finn spent their entire childhood and teenage years together, but when Finn left to live in France, he cut all ties with her, never contacting her once. Feeling particularly on edge the entire night she is at a party where Finn shows up at random, she decides to leave with none other than her brother’s friend Nathan.
Nate’s focus is on his brother finishing school and supporting him in pursuing his career in the NBA. He is nothing like Finn, opposites in every single way, except for their interest in Billie, of course.
Life doesn’t go to plan for either of them, as promises are made – and broken. It’s up to Billie to now navigate through the return of her childhood first love, a link she believed to leave in the past, and the thrilling, exciting, new connection between her and Nate.

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