Distorted Hate by K. Walker (ePUB)

distorted hate, k walker

Distorted Hate (Distorted Hearts #1) by K. Walker – Free eBooks Download


There is a fine line between hate and lust.
My goals are easy.
One, survive being the new girl at my school.
And two, get along with everyone and maybe make some friends.
Simple, right?
Unfortunately, there is something standing in my way.
Cole Nathair, the king of the popular clique.
From the first moment we meet, he absolutely hates me.
And I can’t for the life of me figure out why.
But I do know that no one has ever looked at me like he does.
His glare threatens to strike me down where I stand.
His words mock me and make me a social pariah.
And when it comes, his kiss is brutal.
I never expected his kiss.
Never expected his rough touch or the way it’d make me feel.
I’ve never wanted anyone the way that I want Cole.
His embrace is the match that sets my soul on fire.
Being the object of his hatred is like playing with fire.
But being desired by him threatens to burn me to the ground.

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