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Discordant (Iron Heretics MC #3) by Michelle Frost – Free eBooks Download


My life has been a series of cages—indifferent foster home walls, mocking school hallways, the finality of a police cruiser’s back seat.

It’s a miracle prison didn’t kill me. A miracle with an Iron Heretics MC tattoo on his shoulder and enough clout to protect a snot-nosed kid with a lisp from getting his head bashed in. The old man taught me to fight and hooked me up with his club once I was on the outside.
At least in this cage I can move around freely. For the first time in my life, I’m forging my own path with people I trust to have my back. When Zach—a Prospect with the Heretics St. Louis charter—walks into my training gym with his boyish smile and movie-star good looks, I start aching for more than I have the right to ask for: a home and someone to share it with.

Zach is skittish and focused on earning his full patch, and I’ve never been in a relationship. Between Heretics enemies, learning to communicate, and an endless string of cage fights, we agree to try and make a go of it. Could be a knock-out. Could be my next big disaster.
At the end of the day, a cage is a cage, and somehow, the Prospect is the only one holding the key to mine.

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