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Dirty Sext (Accidental Stepbrother #3) by Stephanie Brother – Free eBooks Download


Could my perfect match be my new stepbrother?
I was in my room, bored out of my mind when my phone chimed.
I looked down to read the dirtiest text I’ve ever received.
Two words appeared that I normally would have ignored, but tonight, I feel something take over me as I read the words again.
Sext Me.
My body fills with excitement as I reply. And then I get a response. Oh, the naughty things he wants me to do.
For this moment, I’ll pretend I’m the adventurous vixen he thinks I am. Tomorrow I can worry about the truth.
Such as the fact that he obviously thinks it’s someone else.
And that I’m not the hot cheerleader he thinks I am.
I can’t keep up this pretense, but it’s too much fun.
And then it’s too late, I’m in too deep.
I can’t stop the inevitable.
Only there’s a couple of problems…
Number one – I’m not a student.
Second, I’m his professor and his soon-to-be stepsister.
What’s a girl to do?

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