Dirty Ruthless Billionaire, Part 1 by Paige North (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Dirty Ruthless Billionaire, Part One by Paige North – Free eBooks Download


Dex Banner ruined me for any other man.
For one beautiful summer, we had something untouchable. Something I was sure would last forever.
But then, a terrible tragedy turned our raging fire to ashes. Before I knew what had happened, the man I fell in love with had disappeared, leaving me with nothing but memories and the bitter taste of what might have been.
He went away and became a monster. A monster who wielded millions and millions of dollars, built fortresses with the money he made. He was gone, but I could still see him online, in articles, pictures. All of it seemingly designed to make my fractured heart break again and again…
I was sure he was out of my life for good.
But then, five years later, Dex Banner suddenly came back. Back into my life. Back into my work. Tempting me with everything I could’ve had, but somehow lost.
And as it turned out, Dex had come back for one reason and one reason only.
To get revenge. By using my body and making me his all over again…

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