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Dirty Rich by Amelia Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Money can’t buy love, but loving her may cost him everything.

Jax Hunter is an arrogant, selfish pr*ck. He’s got a body made for sin, more money than God, and more women than any one man could possibly handle.

He rules his business with an iron fist — displease him once, and you’re out. Dating is the business of pleasure, and he’s every bit as ruthless.

Women have an expiration date, after all.

Until Catherine. She’s a confident, strong-willed career woman with curves that make Jax forget all the rules. Like his first and foremost rule: never f*ck your employees.

Catherine is everything he won’t allow himself to have — and she’s desperate for an escape from her boss’s unceasing demands. When she rejects him, it only makes Jax want her more — and realize that he needs to take down her walls, drive her over the edge.

They come to an agreement: only hot, wild, sweaty, come-so-hard-you-forget-your-name sex. No strings attached.

That means no fancy restaurants, no flowers delivered to her desk, and no pet names. Jax Hunter doesn’t fall in love — it’s a weakness he won’t permit himself to have. Which is good, in light of his second rule: never, ever fall for your assistant, no matter how hot she is.

Then again, considering Catherine’s beauty, brains, and fiery passion…there’s a first time for everything, and rules are meant to be broken…

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