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dirty prince, l nicole

Dirty Prince (Happy Endings #5) by L. Nicole – Free eBooks Download


He’s sexy.
He’s filthy and he has bad idea written all over him.

As a princess, Margarita has always enjoyed the title and the privileges it gave.
That is until her father expects her to marry a prince of a small neighboring country.
A prince she has never met, nor has the inclination to meet.
In the twenty-first century, arranged marriages should be banned. Right?
Margarita’s father doesn’t agree.
She knows that when her father makes a decree, he’s more King than dad.
Which means she’s doomed.
So, Margarita makes one final plea.
She wants a vacation, to enjoy her last couple of weeks as a single woman.
Then, she will dutifully accept her fate, and marry Prince Archibald—which implies he’s definitely more frog than prince.
Surprisingly, her dad says yes.
Margarita is going to try and leave the single life behind with no regrets.
To hell with being a good girl.
Cue Eddie Andrews.
He’s got heartache written all over him.
He’s a definite love em’ and leave em’ kind of guy.
Which is fine. Because when this two-week vacation is over,
It will be Margarita who will be walking away.
At least that’s the plan.

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