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Dirty Martinis (Sweet Cocktails #7) by Rose Bak – Free eBooks Download


The boy on the playground has grown up into quite a sexy man — and he mixes a good drink too!

When your sister is married to a famous rock star and your boss is a self-made billionaire, it’s hard not to feel inferior now and then. So, when I found out my landlord was selling my apartment and I was going to have to move – again – I decided to pop into the new bar up the street for a little liquid comfort.
I wasn’t expecting to run into the guy who’d been my first boyfriend. It was in kindergarten, but it still totally counts. Back then he won my heart by sneaking me the American-style treats that my Ukrainian mother wouldn’t buy us. Now he’s winning my heart with his dirty martinis and his flirty smile.

When I saw the sad-looking brunette sitting at the end of the bar, I thought she looked familiar. Turns out she’s my old grade school friend. But the way I’m feeling about her now is decidedly unfriendly. She’s got thirty days to find a new apartment, and luckily for her, I have an extra bedroom in my condo. As long as we ignore the attraction between us, living together should be easy, right?
Except we keep different hours, her cat is trying to kill me, her mother is trying to marry us off, and I just got threatened by a bunch of guys from some famous boy band my sister used to love. And it turns out that when Olga has a few too many dirty martinis, her inhibitions disappear – right along with my self-control.
Friends to roommates to lovers to…parents? Uh oh.

“Dirty Martinis” is book seven in the Sweet Cocktails contemporary romance series. If you like steamy midlife romantic comedies with wacky side characters, pets who think they’re human, an accidental pregnancy, and a sweet happily ever after, check out this book today.

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