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Dirty mouth. Cold heart. Bleeding soul. Fire in his blood.

As the brooding lead singer of one of the world’s biggest bands, Last to Leave, Luc Johns is one of the sexiest, most desired men on the planet. Since his last relationship ended – badly – Luc’s heart has been as frozen as his soul. To make matters worse, he despises the trite, insubstantial lyrics of the band’s hit songs.
Allegra Reid loves her job working for SHE magazine, but dreams of leaving the beauty features desk behind. Fate intervenes and she is assigned to cover Last to Leave’s European tour, but her editor demands a dirty, sexy scandal that will send magazine sales skyrocketing.
When Luc and Allegra meet, the scorching chemistry between them is off the charts. Luc finds himself inspired as she awakens something within him that he thought had died along with his heart. Allegra finds herself in a serious conflict of interest as she falls head over heels for the handsome and charming leading man that she’s meant to report on.
Can Luc and Allegra defy all odds and last the distance? And most importantly, will Allegra choose her heart or her job?

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