Dirty Little Saint by M Violet (ePUB)

dirty little saint, m violet

Dirty Little Saint (The Devils of Raven’s Gate #2) by M Violet – Free eBooks Download


There is no escaping the devils of Raven’s Gate…

I came to Tenebrose Academy to start over. To get away from the demons of my past. Little did I know that something darker waited for me in Raven’s Gate.
Don’t feed the ravens.
Riot, Atlas, and Valentin. They are depraved. Unhinged. Devious. And they’ve claimed me.
Swear an oath to serve only us.
I’m their doll to dress up. Their toy to play with. Their property to control. But I crave it just as much as they do. Deep down I know they will be my ruin.
I think she’s going to let us play.
But we have greater enemies than each other. Those who wish to take what we have. Too bad for them. They’re about to see how psycho I really am.

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