Dirty Little Midlife Crisis by Lilian Monroe (ePUB)

dirty midlife crisis, lilian monroe

Dirty Little Midlife Crisis by Lilian Monroe – Free eBooks Download


First, a geyser erupts in the middle of the parking lot.
Then, Grant Greene walks into my life like a knight in a wet T-shirt and my poor, strung-out hormones don’t stand a chance.
I’m forty-five, divorced, and currently nose-to-chest with the sexiest man I’ve ever seen.
This is not how I expected my much-needed vacation to start.
Turns out my lady bits are, indeed, fully functional. How about that?
Once I pull myself together, I discover that the beautiful chest is attached to an equally beautiful face, and that face belongs to Grant Greene, handyman extraordinaire and town hunk.
Oh, and the parking lot geyser?
It flooded the one and only hotel in town.
Luckily for me, Grant has a couple of spare rooms at his place.
Not-so-luckily for me?
Grant has an aversion to wearing shirts, and I have a tendency to drool and embarrass myself.
But it’s only temporary.
I’ll stay with Grant while I’m in town, then skip away into the sunset and live my best grown-woman life.
I definitely won’t lust after a man that’s grumpy and growly and oh-so-wrong for me.
I’m not going to engage in adult activities with anyone, let alone my new roommate.
And I absolutely, without a doubt, am never going to fall in love.

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