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dirty liars, eden beck

Dirty Liars (Hawthorne Holy Trinity #1) by Eden Beck – Free eBooks Download


I’m going to steal a dead girl’s life.
After all…it isn’t like she needs it anymore.
Hawthorne Academy is my ticket to a second chance, a new start, a clean slate. I’m used to starting over but the New York foster care system has nothing on this place.
By the end of my first day at school, I’ve already made enemies with the last people I want pissed off, and they’re going to make sure I pay. It’s a twisted game they play, but if I want this new life to work out… I won’t just lie down and take it.
Sadie White might be dead, but Teddy Price is very, very much alive. And for the first time in my life, I think I have something worth fighting for.
Something’s wrong with the new girl.
She isn’t like us. She doesn’t fall into line.
There’s a hierarchy that must be respected, and it’s our job to show her where she stands. Only one thing matters here at Hawthorne Academy, and it’s what we say goes.
We’re Hawthorne’s Holy Trinity: Astor, Blair, and Wills.
Maybe it’s sacrilegious. Maybe we like it that way.
One thing’s for sure. Sadie White must be taught a hard lesson…but it doesn’t mean we’re not going to enjoy it in the process.

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