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dirty, jb heller

Dirty (Unexpected Lovers #3) by J.B. Heller – Free eBooks Download


Archer Austin induced sexual frustration may just be the death of me…

Everything in my life was just peachy, until my roommates ditch me and my brother Bates, gets the bright idea to move in and bring his best friend Archer with him. The more the merrier, he says.
The problem is, Archer and I had a one night stand last year and now he’s convinced we’re meant to be. I however, strongly disagree because not only is he Bates BFF, I’m also his agent, and I need him throwing balls, not wanting me to play with his.
There is no way I’m going to jeopardize my career by breaking that cardinal rule again. Nope, not happening.
Unfortunately, he’s every bit as stubborn and determined as I am and what Archer wants, Archer gets. This time he’s not letting me go without a fight.

*A feel good romcom with all the heat that you’d expect to be feelin’ in the midst baseball players locker room. Note: There were no jockstraps harmed in the making of this book.

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