Dinosaurs, Disasters & Albert Einswine by Sedona Ashe (ePUB)

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Dinosaurs, Disasters & Albert Einswine (Dino Magic #1) by Sedona Ashe – Free eBooks Download


I have huge man problems.
Literally, since one of my mates is a T-Rex.
Things are about to get interesting, because my day job happens to be in a museum.
A museum full of dinosaur bones, if you know what I mean.
It turns out my bloodline is older than dirt, and an ancestral matchmaker decided to send me some gifts…aka, men. And not just any men, but dinosaur shifters from the past.
I’ve read enough paranormal romance to know all about fated mates, but I’ve never heard of fated dinosaur mates. These men are supposed to be my perfect match, here to help me learn about my magic. Rawr. Yes, they are as sexy as you are imagining.
My life had been a routine of working and spending time watching TV with my pet pig, Albert Einswine. Now I needed to learn to control the magic I never knew I had, learn more about my family line, and help these sexy dino shifters adjust to modern society.
All while hiding a T-Rex sized secret from the world.
To make matters worse, detectives are looking into the explosion I may or may not have caused when my blood mixed with some magic-infused ancient dust, which is a serious problem since the sexy green-eyed detective has my heart flip-flopping in my chest.

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