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dillon, kate tilney

Dillon (Jade Mountain Search & Rescue #9) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A federal agent with the mountain search and rescue team and a curvy graduate student find action, adventure, and romance when they set out to solve a mystery together in the Pacific Northwest.

I may be a little interested in true crime. Okay, I’m obsessed. But that’s not the reason I immediately assume the pile of cash I found on Jade Mountain belongs to one D.B. Cooper. There’s plenty of evidence to support me. Or, at least, the true crime podcast I listened to once would totally have my back. If only I can convince a certain FBI agent that I’m not wasting his time.
It isn’t long before I find myself less interested in solving this mystery and more interested in Dillon, the special agent assigned to the case. He’s handsome and surprisingly funny. And, unfortunately, he probably thinks I’m a nut. Relationships have started with worse odds, right?

From the moment we meet, I’m captivated by Delilah. No, it isn’t her fanciful story, but the way she tells it that has me hanging on her every word. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous. As we climb Jade Mountain together, this case becomes one of my most interesting thanks to her.
It’s my job to follow her lead. It’s my job to figure out where this mysterious pile of cash came from. But all of that comes second to the need I feel for her. The need to be with Delilah and to protect her at all costs.

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