Devious Demand by Linzi Basset (ePUB)

devious demand, linzi basset

Devious Demand (Club Decadent Skies #1) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


Delicious, Devilish, Darkly Dangerous…

I’m Wick, short for Wicked Witch… and with a family name of Bitch, my life growing up was a living hell. But I survived, and today I’m a Private Investigator from Tampa, Florida, and I’m on a job that lands me in the bowels of a super Airbus… the kind I’ve never seen the likes of before.
I think I just took on a job I am in no way equipped to handle.
I’m Max DuPont, billionaire and owner of CyberCo Airlines in Florida. I like money and power; therefore, I work hard. I play even harder—at my exclusive establishment, Club Decadent Skies.
A snoopy private eye disrupts the anniversary flight of our first Airbus club. The bratty trespasser needs a lesson—a mile-high experience she isn’t bound to forget.
Except, even the best laid-out plan has a flaw. Max soon realizes there is more to the fiery PI than meets the eye. When her life is in danger, he is forced to play the hero… a role he was more than capable of performing.

Please note: Although the blurb is in 1st POV, the book is written in 3rd POV.
If you’re ready for the flight of a lifetime with a suspenseful back storyline that tests each couple’s trust and resilience, then this is the series for you.

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