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devil in disguise, kylie marcus

Devil in Disguise (Endless Obsession) by Kylie Marcus – Free eBooks Download


I have a bad reputation. Not because I’m a bad girl, quite the opposite.
But during rush week, I may have … gotten a little carried away. I don’t remember what happened, but I woke up without my clothes on, and photos of me in compromising positions began circulating the school.
I thought maybe dating Duke would make everyone ease up on the whispers. But Duke’s only dating me for one reason … my reputation.
Then, the next thing I know, Duke is … different. He’s looking out for me, taking care of my photo situation, and ensuring I never get hurt again.
I can’t put my finger on it, but something has changed. Duke just doesn’t seem like … Duke. Do you know what I mean?

The Vatican is breathing down on necks, threatening to send exorcists to Chicago and exterminate the family.
We can’t have that happening, so it’s up to me to figure out where the leak came from and seal it. When I learn the priest I’m trying to get information from has a secret daughter, I know she’s the key to our troubles.
But one look at Eve, and I know that she’s mine. And she needs me.
I like to clean up messes, so looking after her and taking good care of her comes naturally. But telling her who—and what—I am, is a risk I’m not willing to take … yet.
So, for now, I watch her from the shadows. When I need to get close to her, I assume the identity of her stupid frat boyfriend. He did not deserve my precious angel’s attention in the first place.
No, Eve is made for one man. Her devil in disguise—her Lucifer.

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