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deuce, pt amber

Deuce (Tennyson Bend #2) by PT Ambler – Free eBooks Download


A champion on the rise.
An umpire down on his luck.
A rulebook made to be broken.
It should have stopped at a kiss…

Burdened by family expectations, Spencer has fought long and hard on the pro-tennis circuit. He won’t let anything mess with his winning streak. Especially if it risks his chance at an Australian Open wildcard entry. It should have been easy for him to forget an anonymous, locker-room hook up, but how’s he supposed to do that when the same hot-as-hell guy shows up on centre court shouting “foot fault!” every time he serves?
Sidelined by a freak accident, Garrett will jump at any opportunity to referee again—no matter the sport. The second he recognises Spencer on centre court, the line between personal and professional blurs and he realises he’s kissed his way into a serious conflict of interest. A fling is the last thing on his mind. Especially if it threatens his professional reputation. But there’s something undeniable about Spencer that keeps him coming back for more.
The rules are clear. Intimacy between players and officials is strictly forbidden. Whatever their game plan, Spencer and Garrett must play it soon, because the tennis world is small, and secrets have a way of getting out…

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