Deucalion Academy: Pawn Of The Gods by Ruby Vincent (ePUB)

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Deucalion Academy: Pawn Of The Gods (The Dominions #1) by Ruby Vincent – Free eBooks Download


At Deucalion Academy, we don’t have a graduation rate. We have a survival rate.
In the academy, power and ferocity are held above all.
So you can imagine how popular it made me when on my first day, I got our strongest demigod warrior killed.
The entire school, from the headmaster to the kitchenhands, hates me. None of them lift a finger after the leader of the Titan Class pins a target on my back.
Alexander Damien rules Deucalion Academy by his power alone. A son of Zeus, he sizzles the blood with a touch, and a smirk.
No one stands a chance of staying above ground once he decides your life is forfeit.
For everyone’s sake, they better pray Alexander and the Titans destroy me.
Something was done to me. A god’s curse is warping my powers and turning me into a creature deadlier than we’ve ever faced. Unless the divine betrayer holding my chains is stopped, all the monsters of Olympia mean nothing.
The one who’ll lay waste to our land and wipe the demigods from existence… is me.

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