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determined, mazzy j march

Determined (The Queen’s Mates #2) by Mazzy J. March – Free eBooks Download


I have three betrothed mates? You’ve got to be kidding me.

There’s enough to do with upheaving our kingdom out of the ice age and into the modern world as well as undoing the harm done to the people who live here without adding romance to it, but that’s my life. With my crown comes three men who all have some kind of claim on me, and they have the contracts to prove it. Contracts written when I was a newborn baby, too little to be consulted on my desires for my future.
The thing is. Each one is irresistible in their own way. It might not be so bad.
For years, after my parents’ murder and my sister’s disappearance, I lived in a tower, a mere child with a crown. A pawn called a queen, subject to the regency of the one who caused all my pain. And who was proceeding to strip my subjects and the very land of everything valuable while pretending to be my loving guardian. With Uncle Bors finally removed, I’m up to my eyeballs in kingdom business. Old laws, new troubles, and the ghost of my uncle are all occupying space in my head?
Can’t a queen get a moment’s peace?

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