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After losing her last living relatives, Caroline Clarke knew she had to become a governess to secure her brother’s future. However, before losing her beloved aunt, she promised to fulfil her last wish and deliver a letter to her old lost love. Yet, fate will have the charming Caroline facing her aunt’s past, leading her to an Earl’s doorstep. Luckily, the old man decides to take care of her, as a homage to her aunt, and proposes that she stays in his estate. Caroline is thrilled with the idea, except for the fact that she must endure his insufferable, arrogant son. However, little did she know that he would soon become the one to steal her heart… Knowing that her growing feelings for him could lead to the same heartbreaking end as her aunt’s, will Caroline risk it all in order to mark her own path in this old romance?

Matthew Poulett is a proud young man who has everything; wealth, titles and charm. Upset to leave London halfway through the season, he rushes to visit his countryside estate on his father’s command. On his way there, Matthew will be extremely irritated by a mysterious girl that happens to be traveling on the same couch. Having to suffer through her endless talking about love, he makes it clear that, for him, love and romance are nonsense and they are usually driven out of selfishness. However, he is entirely unaware of the fact that this fiery girl is going to turn his world upside down… Fate forces him towards her and he soon finds himself enchanted by her kindness and beauty. Will Matthew manage to overcome his prejudice and finally surrender to his genuine emotions?

Caroline and Lord Poulett are two opposite forces that keep crashing into one another, and yet, what bonds them seems to be stronger than what separates them. Their affection slowly turns into a reciprocal admiration, and their worlds intertwine. However, their undeniable affinity will cause the jealousy of a cunning woman, who will plan to separate them once and forever… Was it, after all, her aunt’s break up from the Earl a fate’s losing game or someone’s evil intention? Will the ashes of a lost affair be the spark that Caroline and Matthew need to defy their perilous destiny and find true love?

“Destined for an Earl’s Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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