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destined chaos, kate allenton

Destined Chaos (Other Bennetts #5) by Kate Allenton – Free eBooks Download


Libby Slaughter’s clients pay her well for advice thanks to her all-knowing abilities. Her intuition has never let her down or steered her wrong.

Until now.
Her grandfather’s dying wish was for her to live at Slaughter House. But the run-down mansion is the last place she wants to be. It’s the home her mother ran from when Libby was a child. Memories of growing up in that house still give her nightmares.

Selling the house is the only option she’ll consider. But when ghosts slow down the much-needed remodel, she is forced to return just long enough to oversee the construction and sell fast. Only with every mile that she gets closer, her clairvoyant abilities turn foggy, and she has no idea what surprises to expect.

Least of all him.
Hugh Bennett isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. His dream of owning Slaughter house is within his grasp, and he’ll do whatever it takes to move the renovations forward. With multiple offers for the mansion on the table, Hugh’s determined to prove he’s the right buyer. To realize his dream, he’ll have to keep his eyes on the target and ignore the growing attraction to the smart, beautiful owner that wields the ability to bring him to his knees. If the ghosts in the house doesn’t kill them first, his attraction for Libby just might mean the death for them both.

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