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destination wedding, sean michael

Destination Wedding (Starting Over #1) by Sean Michael – Free eBooks Download


Two years ago Royal walked in on his husband Bobby in bed with another man, leaving him a single dad with a three year old boy and a baby girl, who he loves with all his heart. Now his ex and the other man are getting married and they want the kids in the wedding.
Logan received divorce papers when his husband Rick cheated on him, leaving him with a four year old son and another child on the way. He resents having to let his ex have his son every second weekend, but is happy he doesn’t have to share his little girl.
When Royal gets to his room at the destination wedding resort, he meets Logan and the two men get along like a house on fire, commiserating over the fact that their exes cheated with each other, are getting married, and that they want the kids to be a part of the ceremony.
Commiseration becomes friendship, and the kids all consider each other siblings. Can Royal and Logan find more than friendship with each other?

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