Despite It All by Reese Knightley (ePUB)

despite it all, reese knightley

Despite It All (Code Of Honor #7) by Reese Knightley – Free eBooks Download


An FBI agent and military sergeant get all tangled up.

Sergeant Joshua Greene –
As a favor, Greene accepts a special assignment that puts him in the immediate vicinity of the disapproving Forest Taylor. Greene honors truth above all else so when a misunderstanding is cleared up between them, he is suddenly faced with a decision that challenges said honor. Should he come clean and tell Forest the truth or keep quiet?

FBI agent Forest Taylor –
Forest has his own set of problems, so he doesn’t need the annoying Joshua Greene coming in all bossy and making matters worse. Greene doesn’t even like him. Or does he? When he gets mixed signals from Greene, he can’t help but wonder, should he back off or take a chance on Greene and lay it all on the line?
The stakes are high and the lies, secrecy, and choices start adding up. Despite it all, can Forest convince Greene to stay? Will Greene admit the truth or will he take the easy way out and walk away?

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