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Designed by Fate (Harbingers Duet #2) by Callie Moss – Free eBooks Download


Nothing prepared me for how drastically my life would change the moment I stepped foot inside Clavemore University. The moment I saw them, the Voclain Twins. My biggest concerns were the weight of trying to fit in at a school I had no business enrolling in, trying to hide the fact that my grandpa bribed my way here and avoiding the twins at all costs.
My biggest concerns now? Saving the world, the cult I now belong to, and oh yeah trying not to die alongside my soul bonded mates the very twins just a few months ago I thought hated me. Life without them seems, empty and horrifying. They are torn between their duty as Harbingers and their desire to keep me safe, alive. I’m torn between my own selfish desire to keep them and the goddess born soul that resides inside of me. The constant influx and threat of a stolen power I wasn’t made to carry. I was a gift… a gift designed by the very fate we’re trying to change. All the while a hole between realities is constantly expanding, threatening everyone and everything that comes close with a cold unyielding void.
How does one go against the will of Gods?

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