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“I’m nothing but yours.”
They have an unspoken understanding. Nobody comes between them.
They’ve been together for so long, soulmates in some aspect. Best friends of fifteen years, yet some things never change.
Isabella knows the young boy she met has grown into a fine man, taking “tall, dark, and handsome” to its most literal meaning with pride. While he’s still selfish and possessive of her attention, there are moments when his devotion devours her, too.
But for Mikah, it’s complicated.
When he looks into the mirror, the man staring back isn’t him; he comes and goes like a ghost, lips always with a taunting smile as his eyes sketch distortions, framing depravity as innocence.
It stems from love and commitment to fear.
A secret won’t break them apart. No, Mikah worked too hard to become her most important person
Suspicion, doubt, and worry will have her running back to him. He can protect her and give her everything she wants. She knows no one cares about her more than he does.
She should’ve noticed the subtle changes.

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