Departed Whispers by J. Rose (ePUB)

departed whispers, j rose

Departed Whispers (Twisted Legends Collection #1) by J. Rose – Free eBooks Download


Thirteen years ago, Emery Lockwood gave in to the temptation of forbidden magick, leaving the ruins of her home to go on the run from the local coven.

Forced to leave her three best friends behind, she never expected her childhood sweethearts to find her again. The boys she once knew have become troubled men, and they need her help.
Reaper’s Hollow is under attack.
Haunted by an evil force that loves to play sick mind games, a decade of death and despair have left countless innocent lives caught in the middle. Emery has no choice but to return and fight.
Reunited in a war zone, friendship and heartbreak grow into something more.
When ancient secrets are exposed, Emery must race against the clock to save a world that cast her aside. Only she can end the onslaught of evil threatening to consume them all.
For far too long, dark witches have been hunted and killed. The bloodshed must end. At the dawn of a new age, destruction is inevitable.
The world must burn before it can be reborn.

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