Demons Do It Better by Erin O’Kane (ePUB)

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Demons Do It Better (Born From Shadows #1) by Erin O’Kane – Free eBooks Download


Tori’s whole world has been turned upside down. Her life had been perfect. A powerful witch with unusual powers, she didn’t fit in with the prissy local covens, but that suited her to a T. In fact, she preferred it that way so it could be just her and her werewolf best friend, Ari.
Then she died. A single bullet to the forehead.
Except she didn’t stay dead.
Turns out her unusual powers weren’t thanks to her witch heritage after all.
Reborn as part demon, Tori has to learn to live life as someone, something, completely different. Without her old magic, she wants to drink, party and explore her new life, and forget the things that are now out of her reach.
Except her past isn’t willing to let go of her that easily. Not to mention the three bear shifters that won’t leave her alone, claiming she’s their fated mate.
The witch part of her might be dead, but Tori’s determined to prove that Demons Do it Better.

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