Demons & Daffodils by AJ Merlin (ePUB)

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Demons & Daffodils (Infernal Magic #1) by AJ Merlin – Free eBooks Download


I had a plan. Make a deal with the devil for more power, join a coven, get a boyfriend, and spend the next three hundred years making a name for myself while finding a way to free my eternal soul from servitude to Satan before I’m old.
It wasn’t in my plan to die three weeks after my deal by having a helicopter dropped on me.
Now I’m dead. And I should be Satan’s janitor, but when I wake up in hell, I learn that the devil is bad at cards, and somehow that means I’m his wife’s problem now.
At least I have all that power I bargained for, a real job, and a room that’s bigger than any apartment I’ve ever lived in. Oh, and a mystery gift from Satan that I didn’t ask for. Not to mention a leviathan who wants to maybe eat me, a demon who likes to choke me, and a few others who haven’t decided how they feel about me yet.
It could be worse. Though when a coven of witches is almost eradicated by a mysterious beast and it becomes my job to save them, I have a hard time seeing how.

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