Demonically Daray by Jessamyn Kingley (ePUB)

demonically daray, jessamyn kingley

Demonically Daray (D’Vaire #25.5) by Jessamyn Kingley – Free eBooks Download


Skeleton Lord Eduard Daray is content with his life. After centuries locked in a magical compound, he’s spent a decade doing whatever pleases him. His job is ideal, and he takes pride in aiding his leader daily. Surrounded by a wonderful family, the only thing missing is Eduard’s mate.

As a servant to the demonic ruler, Hexaniys Xattanas lives in fear. The demonic realm is a dying land thanks to an evil man long dead, and the demons must find somewhere to go that has resources. Since he is expendable, Hexaniys is selected to travel to a planet described in ancient explorer logs as rich with food and land.

When Hexaniys and his small travel party leave their realm, he is stunned to meet his other half. Although he would love to stay with Eduard, Hexaniys must report to his ruler and is unsure if he will be able to return. Nothing prepares him and his companions for what they find when they arrive back in the demonic realm, and their future is rocked. When Hexaniys races back to Eduard’s side, the Council is there to help the demons embrace an unknown world.

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