Demon Roommate by Emily Cane (ePUB)

demon roommate, emily cane

Demon Roommate (Paranormal Roommates #1) by Emily Cane – Free eBooks Download


I’ve found the perfect home. If it wasn’t for the bad-tempered Daemon next door.

Me: Witch, broke, burns stuff when excited and magic goes haywire.
Him: Daemon, my new roommate, intimidatingly hot.
Bonus feature: he hates witches.
Fine, my family had hunted his kind for centuries. But is this really a reason he has to be blackmailed into not evicting me? In terms of starting on the wrong foot, we definitely won the Olympics.
And now I’m supposed to be his fake date for a wedding? Just to get back at his ex? Granted, the plan could be less immature, but there’s a slim chance of getting on his good side for helping him out. And life really would be easier without Mr. Dark-Tall-and-Grumpy trying to atomize me with death glares all the time.
Apart from the tiny issue that I come to like those glares and things start to feel far too real.
One dance, one touch, one searing kiss.
So good.
And so, so wrong.
Because there’ s no chance in hell for a witch and a demon to end up in anything short of disaster.
No-one falls for the girl who accidentally turns you into a smoldering pile of ash.
…but maybe someone fireproof will?

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