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Demo (The Flower City #1) by Holly Crocco – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes redemption comes from the place you least expect…

Life is made of moments. Big, life-changing moments, and small, seemingly insignificant ones. Moments we shine, and ones we wish we could take back. Add up all those moments, and you’re left with the bed you’ve made. Or maybe it was made for you. Either way, you can’t have a redo.
Or can you?
Lizzie hates Knox. He’s a liar, a cheat and an addict. He’s also her husband. When Lizzie learns she may have made a huge mistake at work, she begins retracing the steps that could have caused her blunder. While digging into the story, she learns Knox’s past indiscretions may be tangled up in it – and the more she finds out, the less she wants to know.
Knox will do anything to regain Lizzie’s trust, and heart, but fears she will never be able to forgive him for his wrongdoings. As they are forced to address the events that happened as a result of one night of bad decisions, both Knox and Lizzie are caught between memories of the past and how they fell in love, and the course they’re on – which is headed straight for demolition.

When the truth comes out, can these lovers-turned-enemies rebuild their life together, or do they walk away for good?

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