Delivered By the Orc by Alana Khan (ePUB)

delivered orc, alana khan

Delivered by the Orc (Orcs Unbound) by Alana Khan – Free eBooks Download


An earthquake shattered her world. An orc firefighter became her only lifeline.

When a catastrophic earthquake hits, I’m trapped with Krull, a powerful orc who sets my body ablaze with a single touch. As the city crumbles, our passion rises from the ruins.

Mara’s curvy body fits perfectly in my arms, like she was made for me. She’s my fated mate, my soulbound. I’ll risk everything to keep her safe, cherished, and satisfied.
Brace yourself for a scorching orc romance that will leave you breathless. Experience the raw passion and unshakable devotion of a muscular orc firefighter as he claims his fated mate in the midst of disaster. Krull won’t hesitate to use his strength, his body, and his heart to protect and pleasure his female.
Orcs Unbound is a shared world full of dominant, devoted orcs who love fiercely and forever. Delivered by the Orc by USA TODAY Bestselling author Alana Khan is just a taste of the steamy, enchanting, and utterly irresistible stories waiting ahead of you. Once you let an orc hero into your life, you’ll be hooked!

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