Defying His Highland Duty by Alisa Adams (ePUB)

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Defying His Highland Duty (The Legend of the Campbell Clan #11) by Alisa Adams – Free eBooks Download


He would sacrifice anything for his clan. Except for her.

Since she was a wee lass, Myra only ever wanted one thing; to follow in her father’s footsteps as the clan’s blacksmith. But a woman working as a blacksmith would create a huge scandal… Indeed, every man and woman has been underestimating the lass except for Lachlan Campbell, the Laird’s brother.
Myra and Lachlan have been close friends since they were kids, and the warrior has been her only supporter all this time. But the news of Lachlan’s upcoming marriage devastate Myra. Now, the lass’ heart feels like a piece of hot iron that was plunged into cold water and will be hard as stone forever…
The order for this marriage comes straight from Lachlan’s brother, who aims at a strong alliance with the bride’s clan. Over the years, Lachlan has fought and risked his life for his brother, but this time, the sacrifice might be too great. Because this time, Lachlan fears he will have to abandon someone he loves to help his brother and clan.
Unfortunately, Lachlan’s fears are soon confirmed as Myra has been alienated, and she makes it clear that she no longer trusts him. As the two begin to acknowledge their feelings for each other, they must either bury them or risk everything to pursue their love. And it is nearly impossible to choose between betraying their clan and their hearts.

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