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defiant, ursula sinclair

Defiant by Ursula Sinclair, Kassanna – Free eBooks Download


Stay out of my way. Not a threat. A promise.

In my insulated world, determination, wealth…happiness isn’t limited by the color of your skin but the size of your bank account. I was raised with the mindset that there is nothing in this world I can’t have. Don’t get me wrong—I have problems, family issues, but nothing that can’t be resolved. A chance encounter opened my eyes and initiated a tempest around me. I am Harper Hodges and he is the eye of the storm.

If you don’t stand with me you stand against me. I suffer no one but my own kind, white pure blood Anglo-Saxon Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against other races, their inferiority is not my problem. Until I met her. She opened my eyes and I no longer see the world in black and white. I am Dachs Neumann and to keep her safe I will strike down even those closest to me.

Be careful what you wish for.

*WARNING- This work contains violence, some objectionable and offensive language and content. 18+

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