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Deep, Deep Donuts (Lovers Lake) by Megan Wade – Free eBooks Download


Deep, deep donuts…

Setting up a donut truck near a busy part of the lake is probably the best idea I’ve ever had. Warm cinnamon. Gooey jelly centers. Sweet glazed… Whatever tickles your fancy, I have it in my van, cooked fresh to tantalize your taste buds.
What I don’t have is a permit.
So evading the local law has become my number one priority. Pity, because Officer Lee looks mighty adorable in his cycling shorts while doing his rounds of the lakefront. Not sure a fit guy like that would go for a curvy girl like me, but I love watching those toned thighs pedaling like mad in my rearview mirror while he’s trying to catch me. It’s my favorite part of every getaway. But I can’t let myself get too distracted, because if Officer Lee every catches me, I’ll be in deep, deep donuts.

All I want is a donut!
Every single day, that fresh cooked, doughy, sweet scent keeps teasing me from afar. And every time I get close, the donut truck moves on. It’s like I’m living in a little kid’s nightmare where I’m forever rushing out with my money, but the snack truck leaves before I get to the window and I miss out.
And what’s worse, the woman who runs the van is the sweetest, cutest girl I’ve ever seen. I want a bite of her as much as I want a bite of her donuts. If only I can ever manage to get close enough…

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