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declan, kris michaels

Declan (Hollister #3) by Kris Michaels – Free eBooks Download


Life couldn’t get any better.
Declan Howard had it made. He owned the town’s only bar, and there was a vast ocean of women to choose from. All right, so perhaps vast was an overstatement. Hollister wasn’t New York City, but he was content. Footloose and fancy-free, he lived in the fast lane and loved it… until recently.

Life was incredibly difficult.
Melody Erikson fell for the town’s sexiest bachelor, Declan Howard. She’d been one of the few he took home more than once. One time too many, it seemed, and a surprise was on the way. The problem was Declan didn’t know the baby was his. Melody refused to trap him into a relationship by lying to him. She told him the truth, the entire truth. Life had become suddenly and irrevocably…challenging.

Their lives would change forever.
Declan wasn’t expecting to be a dad, but he wouldn’t run from the responsibility. He would stand by Melody and be a dad to his child. Only having a baby wasn’t the only concern he had. The men who wanted to buy his land had upped the pressure, and the danger became something local law enforcement couldn’t handle. It was time for the town to call in a favor. It was time to call in Guardian.

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