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Decker (Eidolon Black Ops) by Maddie Wade – Free eBooks Download


Mark Decker suffered the ultimate loss when his family was wiped out in a cruel accident which left him questioning everything he’d ever known. Discovering a new life and purpose with Eidolon as their team profiler saved him from a path of destruction and darkness. Keeping his heart locked away behind a cool edge of control ensured he’ll never risk that kind of pain again—until he meets her.

Dr Savannah Sankey is at the top of her field as a world-renowned Neurosurgeon. With a failed marriage behind her, her focus is now on her career and her friends. She knows that if love is out there it will find her, and if it doesn’t, she’s prepared to live the rest of her life alone, even though she is lonely at times. Her attraction to the indifferent profiler who seems to hate her is unfortunate, but when he shows her a side of himself that nobody else sees, she can’t help but have hope that maybe he’s the one who won’t leave her like everyone else.

When Savannah witnesses a murder, Decker knows he must do whatever it takes to keep her safe from the crime family now out for her blood. As he spends time with her, acting as her protector, passion flares and from that flame a connection grows that terrifies him. As unseen danger edges closer, he must decide if he’s willing to open himself to the risks that come with giving his heart away or if it’s his fate is to live alone.

Will two lonely people put aside their broken hearts to find love, or will they walk away from each other and spend the rest of their lives alone?

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