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deception, arya rose

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Carla is destined for greatness.

Her whole life is a series of exceptional things that went right — an unprecedented feat, especially for an orphan. Carla was adopted by literature genius Jeanie Hudson. She even inherited her adoptive mother’s unbeatable ability to tell stories. This allowed her to publish her first bestselling young adult book just shy of high school.
However, Carla is at a loss. After a profound phone conversation, she is reminded of who she is. And why she was one of the chosen few to attend the Royalty Academy.

The academy is the most coveted preparatory school on her side of the world. With her talent and connections, her admission comes as no surprise. Perhaps, it’s even expected. The only thing that didn’t sit well with her was that she is to keep her past hidden — whatever it takes.
Thus, starts a sequence of exceptionally difficult obstacles for our young protagonist. The Nobles and the Inner Circle — exclusive cliques comprising the brightest and wealthiest students — are out to get her. They see her as a mere plebeian unworthy of their ilk.
Fortunately, Carla is not one to back down. Sadly, things were only going to get worse from here.

Given that most of the odds are against her, will Carla even survive high school?

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