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Bennet Bradshaw has been my dad’s hunky best friend for as long as I can remember. They served in the SEALs together, and dad would freak if he knew about my crush.

When Bennet almost kisses me on my eighteenth birthday, I can’t believe it’s happening. He’s older, tall, and muscular, with piercing eyes and a body carved of steel.
I’m curvy, shy, and inexperienced. It’s crazy to think he’d ever be attracted to me.
But at the last second, he stops. “We can’t do this.”
Then he disappears for a year, hiding away in his big expensive house, as though he can’t trust himself to be close to me.
A year later, my best friend gives me a dare. Write him a letter, confessing my crush, telling him how badly I’ve wanted him ever since we nearly kissed…
It’s a mistake. I’m sure of it. But I get caught up in the moment and not only write him a letter I deliver it personally.
I don’t expect anything in return, and I definitely don’t expect what happens…
A series of letters, each one steamier than the last, as Bennet tells me all the ways he wants to make me tremble. He tells me I belong to him, possessively claiming me, telling me I better do every little thing he says.
That would be intimidating enough, considering I’m a virgin with zero experience.
But what happens if my dad finds out? Am I going to ruin their friendship, the bond they formed as soldiers?
With three little words, Dear Mr. Hunk, I know nothing will ever be the same again.

* Dear Mr. Hunk is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger

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