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What do you do when you have no choice but to make a deal with the devil?

You pray.
Devi Westland did her best to keep her head down and stay out of trouble. She lived a quiet life as a waitress, and while she didn’t live in the best neighborhood in town, it wasn’t the worst. And with her brother and best friend at her side, she was content with her life.
Devi’s life was a bit simple. Simple, but good.

Cassius Sire did his best to stay out of the spotlight, content to run things from the shadows. He lived a dangerous life, where he made sure his legal ventures camouflaged his illegal ones. And with his brother and best friend at his side, he feared nothing.
Cassius’ life was a bit complicated. Complicated, but fulfilling.
Then one day, Devi’s brother falls victim to his demons again, and this time, there’s no fixing it.
Or so, she thought.

Desperate to save her brother, Devi seeks help from anyone who will give it to her. And when help comes in the form of an underground criminal, what choice does she have but to accept it?
Cassius never expected to get caught up in someone else’s drama so personally; he never did. But the first time he saw Devi Westland, things got very personal for him.
When things end up not going as planned, Devi finds herself in the thick of a world she doesn’t understand, and in the middle of a game she has no idea how to play.
But it can be like that sometimes when you make a deal with the devil.

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