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Deal with the Devil by Olivia Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


I should have run away to Bora Bora when I had the chance. That’s what’s running through my head when I wake up in my boss’s boss’s boss’s bed. Apparently, I made him some very drunken promises last night at my little sister’s wedding and now he’s telling me the best path forward is to marry him. Me, the curvy woman from finance, should fake marry the billionaire CEO of the company? Yeah, right.

She has no idea she’s been my obsession for months. I have a conscience in business — sort of. But not so much when it comes to convincing Victoria to give us a chance. I’ll use everything at my disposal to persuade her that the fake part of the marriage is just her being stubborn. I want her permanently in my life and in my bed. But if I don’t work fast, she’ll realize she doesn’t need me nearly as much as I need her.

Author’s Note
John and Victoria’s story began as a single bonus scene, providing the details of how the heroine in Busted was found out. Readers quickly demanded more of this story, so I wrote it over the space of a year in periodic installments to share with my newsletter subscribers. Even I usually had no idea what was going to happen next! It’s been lightly edited for consistency (eye color, etc.) and hopefully remains the fun and lighthearted read that made it a fan favorite. It’s a completely stand-alone story. Enjoy!

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