Deal with Mr. Cruel by Rebecca Baker (ePUB)

deal cruel, rebecca baker

Deal with Mr. Cruel (You Are Mine #2) by Rebecca Baker – Free eBooks Download


A forbidden game of power and desire.

Mae makes a deal with her boss & club manager Jonas, so he won’t kick her little brother off the team.
But the whole thing turns into a sensual tug-of-war, where every kiss is both a promise and a risk. Both are playing with fire—and soon there’s more at stake than just the agreement between them…
Jonas is the new boss of a sports empire – including a winning baseball team.
Unlike his father, the former owner, for whom secretaries were nothing more than a midday diversion, Jonas is not interested. He wants to increase his power and influence!
To show what he’s capable of and make the company the No.1 sports outfitter. To bag the necessary deal he needs a woman at his side – that makes him look likeable.
So a woman has to be found! And fast!
Who could be better suited than Mae! He’s known her for a while and knows she’d do ANYTHING to help her little brother Nico make it on the team. What’s the big deal: all she has to do is accompany him on a few public occasions and pretend….
Mae and Jonas share a past that no one is supposed to know about. But the past catches up with them when Jonas realizes that he really only wants one thing: Mae! In his bed.
Can this work? And what will become of the deal and her brother Nico?

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