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deadly trials, ava dune

Deadly Trials (Realms of Fae #1) by Ava Dune – Free eBooks Download


There are a few crimes in Terlyth that are punishable by death. And I committed them all on a single day.
The Summer Court is a cruel place covered in glitter; humans live among the fae to serve them, monsters dominate the lands just outside the border, and every ten years, ten light fae champions are paired up with the dark fae and forced to join the deadly trials where only two can survive.
A human changeling pretending to be fae doesn’t have a lot of options in the queen’s city. So I’ve always wanted to escape.
My first capital crime was being born. Then, I followed a monster into the human world, breaking the second law. Running into the dark prince was the final straw.
Now, I’m supposed to be triply killed.
I guess that’s what the trials are for. Just when I think I’m safe, I’m kidnapped by the crown and forced to compete in the deadly fae trials. My partner? The one and only Prince of Dark, whose arrogance made him join the trials voluntarily…
He knew my name before we met—just like in the old love stories of fated mates. But I can’t be his mate, I’m not even fae. And if I want to protect my adoptive family, that must remain a secret.
The arena is full of monsters and fae who want us dead. With no magic and no plan, I should be glad the stubborn prince is on my side, but he has his secrets of his own, and something feels off.
Luckily, I’m a survivor.
And I don’t believe in fate.

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