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deadly ties, roxy collins

Deadly Ties (Blood Brothers #2) by Roxy Collins – Free eBooks Download


I was a fool for letting Rory, Cam, and Link get inside my head. I believed their lies, the twisted history they fed me when I was weak and afraid. But that’s all over. They might have traded me away like I was nothing, but it opened my eyes to the truth. I was never Bisha’s baby, and now I get to choose who I am, and who I want to claim as my own.
Like Arben Marku, the assassin who tended me in my heat and stole my heart. He’s back to make me his mate, and the bond we share unlocks a rare omega power in me. A power that helps me rescue my fake stepbrothers’ missing mate.
But Kelly and I discover a bond of our own. We’re omegas in an alpha’s world, but together, we have the potential to be so much more. And when he learns what his pack brothers did to me, he vows to make them pay.
But there are bigger monsters to slay than my fake stepbrothers. The Head Alpha of the East Coast might not be my father, but he still plans to use me for his own ends. And just by being close to me, those I love are in the firing line more than ever.

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